Thursday, 10 March 2011

You've Lost that Loving Feeling?

I used to work part time as a barmaid in a busy, popular pub (public house). It was hard work but good fun yet the time passed quickly most evenings. On one particular Saturday evening I was late for work and James, my landlord, said not to worry because usually it was quiet early on, however that was before two coach loads of rugby fans piled into the pub, ‘merry’ and keen for a few more beers!

When I finally arrived James was swamped, doing his best to serve the massed crowd, the place was mad! Buzzing with the drinkers in high junks but once I got behind the bar all eyes focused on me, it was a pretty terrific ratio: about 70 guys and 1 gal!

And thank goodness I’m made an effort that night as I’d worn my favourite dress and had a decent suntan back then! The sort where all the seams meet and I didn’t look half baked,(lol at self) or lobster pink!

The guys broke into a rousing chorus and serenaded me as I served them. I shall never forget how it sounded or how I felt as l heard: “you’ve lost that loving feeling,” with a full set of baritone and tenor voices dropping down deep for the chorus and a few of them even went down on bended knee at the appropriate point in the song!

The Righteous Brothers:
The King:

And ‘cos it’s such a great song I’ve included links here you can choose between Elvis or the Righteous Brothers.

Happy memories that bring a smile are the best ones, don’t you think?

I know I wouldn't mind going back and hearing that chorus just one more time...

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  1. That's a fun memory, and they've picked a great song indeed :)
    All memories that bring a smile to our faces are the best ones!

    Although it wasn't all that long ago, the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard was probably the one that an Italian guy said to me (after being off the plane in Sicily for not even a total of 30 minutes and) what I understood to be something along the lines of “How long are you in Sicily for? Would you like to go out with me and have sex?”
    And a close follow-up to this is the creepy guy who didn’t actually say a word, but who followed my friend and me around for a good 20 minutes while we were visiting Monreale (also in Sicily – Italian men are awful!), when we got a bit behind our group of friends.
    When, to my relief, we finally caught up with them and I strategically stood in between our two guy friends, the guy actually sat on a bench for about 10-15 minutes and just watched us…

    Not all that funny at the time, but they bring a smile every time I recall those moments now :)