Saturday, 28 July 2012

Formula 1 Racing #F1

What’s not to love? The smell of the fuel. The roar of the engines. This sport is dangerous, and the weather can play a key factor in the success of a driver’s race as the track heats up or turns into slippery lane a wash with rain that slows the race car down, a fraction.

And then there are the drivers, glamorous handsome young men who have earned their right to drive these fabulous vehicles. These guys, who drive these super fast cars, constantly amaze me! Their ability to make split second decisions whilst driving at plus 200 miles per hour is remarkable. And yes their brains have been proven to be wired up differently from the rest of us, mere mortals.

I have my favourites.

And I have to admit that I am biased.

In joint first place: Lewis Hamilton alongside Jensen Button. In second place: Paul de Rosta. In third place: Mark Webber . So this would be my dream line up if I had any influence over events. And finally in fourth position would be Micheal Schumacher for his sheer grit and determination after all these years… it’s obvious that racing is his passion and in his blood.

However the rest of the drivers do not interest me, (much) except when they get in the way of my favourite guys. And this impartiality bears no relationship on their ability to drive simply that I am a home girl and I will support the home boys, GB and a sneaky allowance for one Australian guy.

Last week at Hockenhiem, Button battled his way to the front and chased Alonso, the leader.

I was on the edge of my seat. Willing Jensen to win, probably along with a good number of the UK F1 populace. We could do with some good news especially as Lewis had to retire from this race.

And tomorrow, Lewis Hamilton starts the Hungarian Grand Prix in Pole position.

There will be Twitter silence from me until this race is over.

You see if money was no object I would attend every F1 race track event around the globe. Not a big wish but a suitably improbable one. Naturally I can get to Silverstone with ease. However I’ve just discovered that my brother only lives two hours away from the Hockenhiem track, how did I not know this sooner…

So could I write a novel based around this glamorous life of motor racing. Probably not. But then my blog isn’t about emulating racing. Except it takes guts to get in a racing car and race your heart out.

But I think it takes the same sort of guts to put your writing out in the public domain.

What do you think?

Does it take guts and determination to push our work out to editors, readers, and the general public?


  1. I think it takes an enormous amount of guts and courage to send your work out.

    I don't watch the F1, but do admit to quite liking the drivers :)

  2. It actually does take guts, so this is a spot on analogy. I have only told a few select friends about my blog. It seems as though the harshest critics are the ones who know me. I've heard other people with similar stories.

    I don't keep up with racing, but do like Danica Patrick. I like to drive fast myself...

    1. Nice to meet you here… apologies for late response & I don’t appear know you’re name. I’ve decided to crack the whip (apologies) this month and make myself work hard. And I’m going to put more work out to competitions.

  3. I also love F1! Ho lovely to read that you do, too.
    And I agree wholeheartedly with your positioning of the drivers (I just love how Button climbed his way up and is proving himself now with a good car) :)

  4. u hav got gud writing skill:)