Thursday, 19 July 2012

Staycation idea no 3: A Garden centre

It’s rare I would suggest a garden centre as a place to visit but this one is special. Take a camera because there are plenty of ideas to shoot, angles to play with and generally have fun.

Petersham Nursery, Richmond, Surrey - you can even catch a ferry to arrive in style!

Whenever I visit this garden centre in Ham, I feel I have been transported to an arid climate… somewhere remote, say the south of France.

The access point to this amazing place can be easily missed, as the entrance is tucked tight between two house, so arriving by car can be a tad tortuous as the narrow lane refuses to allow more than one car entry at a time… so don’t be surprised if you have to reverse.

It is far better to arrive on foot, or by cycle, and a walk along the Thames seems the best way to experience this wonderful venue.

Romance seems imminent amongst these pots and blooms!

Again I’ve enclosed photos to give you a flavour of what might except to find if you visit and these pictures can and may change with each visit.

It is an inspirational spot to take photographs. Even on an overcast & dull day it has a beautiful feel to the place, and shopping never seemed so relaxed!


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  2. I could have the best fun there with my camera! Alas, too far away. However, I do visit my own garden centre often, they have lots of gorgeous plants, a tea room, and a book shop within.

    Yes, you read it right...cake and books! Heaven.

  3. Are you going to do a follow up article? Would love to know what happens next.

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