Tuesday, 3 July 2012

There's none as queer as folk…

Today I’ve had a new adventure with ebay! To my surprise I sold some belongings and wrapped them up to post.

As a first timer seller I asked the postmaster how best to do this and explained what I needed and how many parcels I wanted to send.

It’s strange but he did seem disappointed that I wanted to my post parcels. Me: ‘And could I have a proof of postage, please?'

Oddly he seemed very put out by that request, he asked: ‘will this be a regular thing?’

‘No, this is a one off,’ as I smiled.

It did take a while to complete the task and I left with my receipts.

I had a few more parcels to wrap this afternoon and I decided to be circumspect and not to return to my own post office (in case I got a frosty reception) and went along to the next village.

I queued. Patiently. As you do. And this postmaster seemed helpful, more so than this mornings postmaster. They were both men, middle aged and from different ethnicities. No one waited behind me. There was no queue.

He said: ‘could you come at another time of day, next time?’

I smiled. ‘When would be better?’

‘Earlier.’ He replied, ‘this is a busy time for business men.’

I looked over my shoulder, first to the right and then to the left. There were no business men or women to be seen. Just me! I chose not to make any comment.

Now is it just me, or does this strike you as odd?

The Post Office is there precisely for the reason I ventured in…to post parcels and whilst I appreciate this is a difficult time for many, I’m puzzled by the lack of customer service.

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