Tuesday, 10 July 2012

One of my favourite places:

At Goring-by-sea you will find the English Martyrs Church, and from the outside you would have no idea that there is a magnificent ceiling hidden beneath the curved line of the roof.

Address: 1 Goring Way, Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, West Sussex BN12 4UH

An exact & glorious reproduction of the Sisten chapel.

Each time I go to visit; I usually go to introduce a friend, I’m always amazed at how beautiful and lovingly the ceiling has been recreated by Gary Bevans.

The stained glass windows are equally mesmerizing, and it's one of the few churches I would like to lie down on the floor and just stare up at the ceiling. Probably not etiquette, and I have not tried it yet!

If you get a chance to drop in and have a look, I would suggest you go soon.


  1. Wow, it really does look beautiful. I'm not sure I will ever get down that way, but if I do, I will definitely check it out. Thanks Kay.

  2. Hi Rebecca, it really is beautiful, the web site doesn't really do it justice but if you're passing it's well worth a visit. it really is one of those places that personifies the ideal, 'that one should not judge a book by it cover!'