Sunday, 9 January 2011

G is for Gerunds: (ing’s) to use or not use?

I had a terrible habit of using Gerunds all the time.

A lot of my sentences and new paragraphs started with a gerund and I think it was my ‘bad shorthand’ kicking in again and because I know what I am writing about I forget to preface the sentence accurately and leaving my poor reader dangling! This bad habit had been pointed out to me sufficient times to make an adjustment and I stopped using them entirely!

Well that change caused its own problems because when my most recent writing was being critiqued I was recommended to recommence putting them (ing’s) back in to my work but sparingly… So I am trying to use them more moderately and this will be my aim from now on in…but I will have to wait and see, if this plan comes to fruition.

I have just started to review a chapter – Tom’s Departure – and I am cringing, the paper is covered, no lets be correct here, obliterated in red marks removing or amending earlier gerund usage! Just about to type it up and see if this rework strengths the plotline… keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome.

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