Tuesday, 18 January 2011

N is for Names

Names are important to me. I can start writing and as my character grows Imay end up renaming that person. For what ever reason the initial name did not sit well on the fictional character and as I hear the voice I realsie that achaneg may be required.

I have tried to use an acrostic before now but this doesn’t often work for me becasue I prefer to build a mental image and a name that compliments certain personal idiosyncracies and actions.

My leading lady started out as Philippa but as I wrote about her I came to dislike this name, sorry to all Philippa’s in the real world, and then for some reason I settled on Alicia. And I’m pleased to report that this name has stuck! My other female lead has also had a name change and I’m working with a temporary name for her until I can decide, its annoying to say the least. Nothing has grabbed me yet and this is annoying for so many reasons.

How important are names to you in your writing?

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