Sunday, 30 January 2011

Z is for Zing

Life has to go with a ‘Zing’ every now and then to make it worth while.

I didn’t know that this little word had so many meanings, from urban usage to the more standard dictionary it covers a fair bit of ground. I even have a friend called Zing and I recall thinking what a nice and unusual name for a woman, because it conjured up a very happy excitable person as an image in head.

So this morning I was Zinging! Sunshine does this for me. After so many long dull, overcast days I couldn’t wait to get outside and feel the sun on my face. Naturally, I wrapped up warm and ignored the wind. And Boy it did feel good. I wasn’t alone. I think everyone else had much the same idea this afternoon.

Today was a Zingday for me, I hope yours was great too.

Now all I have to do is settle down and catch up on some writing, lol, but as I am feeling zesty, a little bit sweet, and tart and tangy I should do just fine. Can’t quite believe that January is almost done.

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