Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

Throughout January my main focus will be my Novel. My rule is simple:
1. Get if finished.

How I will achieve this objective might be of interest? I recently spent time with a good friend who has kindly stepped up to mentor me through the next few months and stages of developing my writing career. Everything we discussed the other day made sense to me on many levels so that I am happy to work with and at this arrangement to achieve my aim.

Building relationships will be vital if I want to succeed. Because I can not do this job on my own, and in isolation. That would make me into a hermit. And it would be too lonely an experience for someone like me. The fact that somebody has offered to encourage me to achieve my aim is immensely heartening.

I am very grateful. My mentor has nothing to gain yet and can most likely ill afford to waste her valuable time. So I must be driven and disciplined!

I have a plan, an action plan and I have identified my main weakness! I find it hard to edit my own work so I intend to learn how to do this better. Then I hope I will make fewer mistakes. Therefore my writing should and will improve. Then I will begin to edit other peoples work to gain a wider experience.

What will it take for me to complete my book? And will you follow me on my journey?
I will be frank. Tell you when it works. Share with you when it doesn’t.
I will be honest and tell you how my work is progressing.

Today my Novel word count is: 68,323
Hurrah. Almost there!!!

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