Thursday, 13 January 2011

K is for Kiss

This is vastly understated piece of action, in writing in my opinion!

Kissing is fabulous fun. Well at least that’s what I recall from my youth, rolls on floor laughing!

And to be honest it’s been a while since I have read any author who has handled this topic with flair and style and quality.

So I am asking to hear about great written bits/sections about kissing… who was memorable in your reading history, writing about being kissed?

Sometimes I feel writers get uncomfortable writing about the sensuousness of a kiss and gloss over it with a quick reference and not much dalliance.

Oh for a bit more dalliance and little less speed. I’d love a read about good snog, a snogathon even…

I know that I will use 'kissing' in my short stories when and where I can. And, where appropriate in my novel. It's going to be a key element for my leading lady, Alicia. She will experience both good and bad. Is there such a thing as a bad kiss?

Well now, that would be telling. I’m afraid…I’m back to being teezy weezy, again.

A long time ago when people wrote letters rather than sent emails, there was a chance that if a lover sent you a letter and that it might have a code written along the sealed edge: S.W.A.L.K. Oh, to get a letter sealed with a loving kiss from a lover. Now that brings back good memories.

So I’m sending this blog out: ‘sealed with a kiss,’ and expecting some back!

I wonder what a virtual kiss feels like…. Can’t be any good. Can it?
Nah… well maybe… you never know you’re luck.

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  1. Mwah! That's a cyber kiss!(on the cheek of course)

    I still do S.W.A.L.K on envelopes for special people and even do a real lippy one on Valentine's day.

    Rach. XXX (ooh, look some more!)