Sunday, 23 January 2011

P is for Published

I shall never forget the excitement I felt when Ether Books published my short stories late last year.

And I am still pursuing my ultimate goal to be a published author of a best selling novel. I wrote down this very specific aim sometime ago and every now and then I have to reacquaint myself with this ambition. I am still uncertain how or when I will achieve it but I will continue to work towards this goal, one step at a time because each move however incremental is still taking me in the general direction of my objective.

Has my desire changed? Grown or diminished? That’s easy – it keeps growing.

The more I write the more ideas I have to record. It’s a bit like sports day at school and I’m six and in the egg and spoon race. It will take as long as it takes and I will do my best to keep my concentration fixed on the finish line. I can't and don’t want to drop this egg!

The art of succeeding here is to keep competitive. Stick with the race. I may not be a front runner, not yet. But if I keep taking small significant steps forward then the distance to the finish line will be shrinking. I’m gonna' try not to get distracted or disheartened because others before me have been published and if they did it then I have just as much opportunity as they had.

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