Thursday, 23 February 2012

A few more #smallstone entries:

Feb 15th

Leaving the low rumbling roar hang in the air, filling the space with its volume, a jet engine, heard but unseen flies away #smallstone

Feb 16th

Long & low the wind mutters, grows unforgiving, a drawn out miserable moan & whistles as it swirls, spins away, then subsides #smallstone

Feb 17th

Roads awash with rain glisten clean, ditches collect fouled rainwater, excess-water runs off fields as verge side ponds develop #smallstone

Feb 18th

Uncovered a dark sky, clouds neatly folded as heavy grey serge blankets & sun attempts yet fails to break thru this dense shield #smallstone

Feb 19th

A chunk of bread picked up in its beak dwarfs a robin, who sits on a branch breaks off pieces some fall to ground lost not saved #smallstone

Feb 20th

Ditches fill & flood, rainwater has no where to hide, bursts the banks, runs free to form a ford, & temporarily covers tarmac #smallstone

Feb 21st

Muddied waters flow slickly off fields & slew onto roads, a pale brown liquid mud bath runs free before car tyres part the way #smallstone

Feb 22nd

Twigs & branches, macerated & mashed to bits, ripped from their trees lay trampled in neat furrows along the highway #smallstone

I have been distracted from this practice, of writing my #smallstones, this past week or so – and realised that I ought to post them here on my blog. I’ve been busy writing, back in the flow of things, developing plotlines and writing scenes for my other novel.

All very exciting as it’s great to be back writing.

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