Friday, 24 February 2012

#writechallenge on Twitter

Why would I compete and complete the writing challenges set by @RachaelHarrie in the #writecampaign challenge? Well, that’s easy to answer:

1.) I love seeing how other authors handle the same challenge.

2.) I like the idea of being set a task, because it helps me to focus on my writing.

There is a breath of diversity and a range of styles on offer here in this challenge that fascinates me. There are already +188 pieces of work to choose from and it would be rare for two writers to produce very similar pieces of work.

Some pieces will be scary, others funny, some thought provoking, others follow a theme/genre but it is the poetry that leaves me astounded. For me this choice seems harder to complete for this challenge, because I feel there are more rules to consider here than when I write fiction.

Reading the many entries is time consuming but worth the time spent. Seeing how other writes have framed ideas, captured scenes, developed strong characters in less than 200 words makes it fascinating. And occasionally there will be inspiring lines that linger, lines that you wish you had thought of and written.

Some pieces get read and liked more than others. This is always tough to see as each writer has dedicated time, energy and effort in writing the piece offered and shared through this event.

The element of competing is strong as there are winners who get prizes. But each author gets an opportunity to put their work up against the best and be viewed, rather than judged, accordingly. I learned a long time ago that it is impossible to please all the people all the time so I am grateful when a few very nice people drop by and leave a comment about my writing. It is always gratifying.

The entries are available to be read for the next week or so.

My thanks must go to @RachaelHarrie for her time, energy, drive and determination in running these events: First campaign challenge and the Fourth campaign.

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