Sunday, 5 February 2012

The trials and tribulations of Banana Cake

What you may ask could possibly be so complicated about Banana Cake?

Absolutely nothing if the truth be told… except:

My house will smell fragrant and perfectly wonderful on a snowy day like today filled with the aroma of freshly baked cakes so that’s just one of the many upsides of banana cake. It’s the best combination I know for me. And I’m a jolly good cake baker even if I do say so myself.

The kitchen will become the warmest, cosiest room in the house, the hub of my universe.

So imagine my surprise, when in Sydney I was offered it for my breakfast, ‘toasted’ served with a side order of Greek yoghurt and luscious mouth watering fresh fruits. Briefly I thought I’d died and landed in heaven it was just what I needed to restore my equilibrium before I set off to explore the city. The simple addition of toasting it breathed new life into this confirmed favourite.

Those three days I walked until my feet realised that complaining was of little point (there was so much to see) and I only got spooked one evening when I realised that the fruit bats were waking up for their night time excursions…that was a weird sensation and boy fruit bats are far longer, and larger than English bats! I ran away.

However there is a significant downside to banana cake too.

I can’t stop at one slice.

My resistance is weak.

To fight the urge to have my cake and eat it is futile.

So I’m going to be kind to myself today and not cook!

No … don’t be daft I’m just kidding. This delicious cake will be baked. The only issue is how fast it will be eaten. Against all my better judgement I will cut the first slice, piping hot, as soon as it is released from the baking tin, served with lashings of butter melting, dribbling, and oozing in to its gentle soft texture.

My idea of heaven.

Then I’ll walk away. But for how long? Its siren call will draw me back to the kitchen and urge me to try a second slice. This time the additional butter will sit, perched like a slice of cheese on its crumbly surface.

**Slaps own hand**

Good food is my downfall. Always has been. And today the handbrake of resistance will be released as I fall over, and slide down this slippery slope of self indulgence, but hey it only snows rarely in the UK!

And if it hadn’t of snowed, then I probably would have gone out and not baked.

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