Wednesday, 1 February 2012

#smallstone update

The January challenge set by @fiona_robyn to be mindful and write about one item/thing/sensation has ended and I have to say it was just what I needed to get my writing focus back, because it had wandered off during December! Life in general got in the way.

So my sincere thanks to Fiona for encouraging me to join the River of Stones project.

As a writer I seem to have too many ideas mulling around in my head for both short stories and my novels that sometimes I can easily loose my focus and become frustrated, as there can be too many priorities to consider.

However, I hope that you, my readers, have enjoyed reading my attempts to paint pictures with words limiting myself to 129 characters, which in itself is a challenge but quickly I discovered cheats & other ways of saying things, twisting words a round and reshaping sentences.

Not all of the #smallstones are grammatically correct but hopefully close enough, not all of them will make perfect sense, as these are my unedited thoughts and by this I mean I’ve broken the rules of grammar and used more than one adjective simply because I enjoy the way a set of words sounds especially when they all begin with the same letter. I am an Alliteration nut!

Therefore I’ve decided to keep my #smallstone practice going throughout February and beyond as well as this I am declaring that I shall make myself submit more short stories during February to more platforms.

I have two short stories drafted that need a polish and these can then be submitted to new platforms. Also a few more ideas are hovering in the wings so I will make time to record them before moving back into writing my novel, which has been knocking on the door (of my mind) to be heard for some time now.

Here are the last of the #smallstones

Jan 30th

The postman delivers a loud urgent rat-a-tat-tat that makes me jump out of my skin, a large parcel won’t go thru' the letterbox #smallstone

On this crisp starry night a moonlit sky displays the velvet blue canopy studded with unrivalled crystals shimming to advantage #smallstone

Jan 31st

I have a pretty floral tea cup & tea pot set that I use but each time I pour the spout piddles tea... all over the work surface! #smallstone

In the silence of a winters night I stare above, brilliant white diamonds dotted across a blue-black firmament filled with stars #smallstone

And yes I got carried away towards the end and wrote more than one a day… and I tried to say the same thing in different ways.

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