Monday, 6 February 2012

#smallstone this week's observations

I promised myself to continue the #smallstone challenge into February - to be mindful and notice. Here’s this weeks observations.

Feb 1st

Outside in the winter darkness, the cold air hangs like forgotten laundry on a washing line waiting to be folded up & taken in #smallstone

Feb 2nd

On this cold & clear night I would drift motionless through the stars out towards the galaxies & beyond to far flung planets #smallstone

Feb 3rd

Trees trunks newly sawn, some twisted & ripped, torn apart by a recent storm are neatly stacked at the side of the road #smallstone

Feb 4th

Roof top tiles glisten coated in a wafer thin crust of frost & bask in early morning sunlight before vanishing into the ether #smallstone

Feb 5th

The windowpane glazed with rainwater, my view outside merges into a curtain of wetness, the world grows blurred, becomes distorted #smallstone

Feb 6th

Hard black asphalt hides softened beneath a layer of pristine white snow a carpet that glistens encrusted with sparkling diamonds #smallstone

Feb 7th

Snow covered fields brighten an overcast day as sheep stand, black socked feet against the pure white surface rooting for food #smallstone

and I tried very hard not to overuse the word: snow!

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