Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Some more #smallstones to contemplate

I have managed to keep my promise to myself and continued to write more #smallstones well into February...

8th Feb

Lemon yellow roses that bloomed & blossomed before the snowfall seem sad, heads dip, their tips scorched a bronzed curled twist #smallstone

As the sun dips beneath the horizon, a full faced moon rises, shines, basks in the suns reflected glory, turns coral-orange-pink #smallstone

9th Feb

There is nothing so precious as the softness of a newborns skin, as pale and delicate slender fingers grasp & hold on tight #smallstone

Frosted fields glisten, a frozen carpet of diamante lustre, reflected sun light dazzles, illuminates trees hung as glittering candelabra #smallstone

10th Feb

Darkness descends, section by section the expanding clouds knit together then multiply and hide the moon and stars #smallstone

The earth seems to draw closer to the night sky as an amber glow of street lights reduces the distance of this closing night sky #smallstone

Feb 11th

Sheer delight, a pale morning sky floods with lemon yellow stands threaded through with suffused light of salmon pink filaments #smallstone

Smothered in powder soft snow flakes the intricacies of bare branches are enhanced their frail outlines decorated to advantage #smallstone

Feb 12th

Silent sentry’s stand in regimented rows feet firmly planted in snow dressed soil inert photovoltaic panels face/salute an overcast sky #smallstone

Feb 13th

Bedraggled left-overs of snow cling in awkward shapes. Some, rounded softened mounds, others peaked, marooned in a green ocean #smallstone

Feb 14th

Glorious cerise pink flowers of the Camellia bush no longer bloom bitten by frost the wafer thin petals turn tissue paper brown #smallstone

And I continue to attempt to limit the use of the word snow...


  1. Your small stones are lovely as always! I'm still writing small stones too! Are you going to submit some stones to the small stones book? Also I want to award you with the Libster blog award. Follow the link to find out more.

  2. Ils ont l'air très sympa! Merci pour le partage!

  3. Reading your "small stones" makes me more grateful for the world around me. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Well done you! Some very good small stones here. I like Feb 13th very much!