Thursday, 23 February 2012

First campaign challenge: Shadows

Shadows crept across the wall, elongated and strange shapes that played on her mind as Constance briefly came too and focused.

The sky was growing darker now, heralding the night to come. He had not closed the bedroom curtains yet and she could see the dying embers of the orange ball of fire slide away behind the horizon.

Her head ached. Yet she had heard him quite clearly but her mind rebelled as she chose to ignore his words.

‘I’m so sorry love. I hate to be the one to have to tell you…’

No! Impossible. That can’t be right was all she thought.

‘They said it was very quick. She didn’t feel a thing.’ But the look of sadness in his eyes told her more than she ever wanted to know.

Her palms began to sweat, and she let go of the straps and dropped her handbag. A rising tide of bile made her feel physically sick. Slowly she began to sink to her knees, as her body slid down the wall, he had rushed forward to catch her before she fell to the floor as the ringing in her ears grew louder, her vision blurred and everything faded.

My Flash fiction entry for #writecampaign. And I managed to complete it in 200 words.

My thanks to @rachaelharrie for organising this First campaign challenge and the Fourth campaign.


  1. Very compelling. I want to know who she lost!

  2. So sad!! I wish I knew more of the story!! Great job :)

    I'm entry #19

  3. Awwww, I imagine it was a sister that she lost, perhaps? At any rate, this is a sad one!

  4. A sad story told well. I enjoyed reading it. Well done. (#91)

  5. You've painted a heart-breaking picture... a snippet from a real-life scenario...

  6. Stories of loss aren't easy to pull off, but you apparently don't have that problem. Way to include physical symptoms. Nice one! :)

  7. Awww :(
    Who died??? I want to know so bad.
    This was short but you managed to make me care so bad.
    Thank you. :)

    PS: your blog won't let me leave a comment with wordpress so I used my google account.
    I'm #138 on the linky list.

  8. The emotion was definitely there. The only thing that stumbled me was that I pictured her lying in bed, just waking up or becoming conscious. Still, nice post. ; )

    Melissa Maygrove
    Campaign Entry #149

  9. So many unanswered questions! Nice suspense!

    (Hi! I'm Susan from My Withershins. Don't be fooled by the Humpty Dumpty persona. Sometimes Blogpost won't allow Wordpress folks to post comments, so I am using an older ID)

  10. Very moving story. I'm also wondering who she lost.

    I'm #123.

  11. Nice suspense and great emotion! :-) I'm #61.

  12. Oh wow that is moving. I really enjoyed reading this and want to know more!