Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Goodwood Revival 2014

It's surprising how quickly an event can become a distant memory, almost too soon, and this year the 2014 Goodwood Revival 2014 was immense.

If you've never been to this event it’s about the Cars.

It's all about our love affair with a motor. A motor vehicle, an aeroplane or a motorbike.

It's about watching experienced racing drivers drift a valuable car through a corner, straightening it up to drift again before recovering full straight line control.

It's about an audible sigh of disbelief as a car that costs more than an average year’s wages hits the barriers and crumples its beautiful sleek lines.

It's about glamour. Good old fashioned glamour. Red lipstick, seamed stockings and fur wraps.

It's about everything vintage. From clothes, to much paraphernalia.

Everyone makes an effort, to pick an era and dress accordingly. It's probably the best fancy dress party ever. There is of course the best dressed competition too, for both ladies and chaps.

This event pulls in people from all over the world and it's the one place that men seem to make an extra effort to dress smartly. There are seas of tweed and flat caps at jaunty angles. Teddy boys, beatniks and biker boys abound. And every type of military man in a uniform you could dream of…

This year it was the 75th anniversary of Goodwood Aerodrome and there was an amazing tribute to honour our Veterans of WWII. It was fantastic very nostalgic and stirring celebration as an array of restored vehicles each carried a war veteran on a tour of the race track.

It's about the glamour of flying too, as many aeroplanes are parked to view, beautiful stunning shiny models.

The sound barrier was broken and boy was it loud. And each time the two Lancaster’s flew over head the crowd reacted by applauding with spontaneous clapping.

It's about allowing and letting the rich and famous mingle unnoticed or at least not to be photo bombed.

It was a brilliant event again this year and the weather was kinder than last year.

Lord March has mastered the art of pulling together an amazing team that produces an extremely successful and well run event again and again.

Goodwood Revival grows bigger and better each year.

Photographs to follow…

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