Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Back to school...

It’s the first day of college term and life as I have come to know it, returns to ‘normal.’

I’ve put normal in inverted commas because I’m not sure what normal is anymore.

The weather’s about to turn as autumn adds a chill to the air to remind me that the days draw shorter and shorter as summer, before she fades to a memory, blasts us with a final glorious warmth… as leaves begin to fall.

This is my least favourite time of year.

Yesterday, as my car idled at traffic lights, I watched large lime-yellow-green leaves tumble and cascade across the tarmac with a joyous bounce and rolling action yet my body shuddered with a sudden pang of unhappiness.

And this morning on the college drive-in, shafts of light, lit by bright piercing sunlight streamed gloriously between the gaps in long branches, illuminating a tunnel of trees.

My writing has taken a back seat for far too long this summer so I’ve set myself a challenge to write a blog post a day, starting today, the first day of school.

Probably too much at the moment but I have to start somewhere. And I have to set the bar high. There is no theme, to these daily posts, just my ramblings on life or how I view the world on that day.

Let's see how this new challenge works for me...

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