Thursday, 25 September 2014

Summer Observations: 5 This is me!

'This is me.' A comment I overheard recently that made me think.

I attend Weight Watchers every other week. Our leader is down to earth and a fun lady with a wicked sense of humour.

No matter what sort of week I’ve had, good or bad as judged by the truth on the scales...if I stay to a meeting I end up laughing so hard, because she has a way of making the mundane funny. It’s a real tonic.

I wear dresses everyday. These are the only clothes I feel truly comfortable in… even if they seem to be inappropriate attire, now that autumn is fast approaching. I feel feminine when I wear a dress and I attempt to wear dresses that flatter my figure.

During the long hot days of July (remember those?) a linen dress was the coolest garment I could wear and as the autumn coolness creeps upon uninvited, if I slip on a cardigan then I can keep wearing a linen dress just a while longer. Although it’s becoming a battle first thing in the morning in the crisp air.

Each week when I arrive at Weight Watchers some one always comments on my dress. These comments surprise me until I look round and see that most women seem to wear a uniform based mostly around jeans and t-shirts. I would wear jeans too if I didn’t find them uncomfortable. I’m an odd shape, a perfectly formed female but I don’t fit the standard sizes currently on offer and I find dresses can be far more forgiving to my body shape. I can adapt them to suit my needs, many are too long and swamp me in fabric, so these get shortened.

So this is me…wearing my dress, whether this is appropriate attire or not, especially as the cooler mornings make my legs chilly than I’d like them to feel.

Do you have favourite clothes?

I’m heading off to my rotate wardrobe as I still don’t have one of those dream like American walk-in wardrobes…I’ll keep wishing. I dislike putting summer away...

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  1. And very good you look too. I've only recently got into dresses again. Being only 4ft 11in tall it's not easy to get ones that fit but the fashion for tunics has opened up this type of clothing again for me. My main attire is trousers and sweaters and will probably remain so.