Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I’m a big fan of Lewis Hamilton #F1

I wrote this piece a couple of weeks ago, before this weekend race at Singapore.

A huge brouhaha kicked off recently around the Formula 1 circuit since Rosberg did something stupid.

In my humble opinion Rosberg’s tactics, if true, deserve serious punishment and severe penalties but we aren't privy to these decisions currently, which is correct.

This dispute might have been played out in a public arena but the consequences and any disciplinary action should be a private matter as in any normal working life. However, as fans we are keen to know what actually occurred so there is a great deal of speculation circulating.

Personally speaking I find Rosberg arrogant, but maybe this is how he got to where he is in his profession, despite being in the shadow of his father’s illustrious racing career.

And then there is Hamilton who displays his pleasure and unhappiness in equal measure and he’s always toughest on himself.

Monza was set with rumours. Lewis had technical issues on Friday and a good Saturday session. Rosberg had a good session on Friday and then technical issues on Saturday.

So far so good, but the press made this news and some of the die hard fans probably thought there wasn’t any thing unusual here other than technical issues but played against a back drop of intrigue and mystery the conspiracy theories abounded.

The Monza race started in the worst possible way as Lewis had more technical issues on the start line from pole position. Poor Hamilton lost all his gains made over the pre race trials.

Rosberg led.

Lewis is a fighter. He knows what he wants and when everything, the car, the team, his desire come together… he is unstoppable and damn fast. He fought his way back as any good hero would. He focused on the goal. He drove well. Lewis secured a substantial lead. But the fans and the press suggested Rosberg threw in the towel, and out-braked himself twice under instructions from the bosses, whilst leading this race, to let Lewis through to pole position. Well I don't think so.

In a previous life I drove Porsche for a living. I love to drive fast. I’ve even raced at Brands Hatch...I was rubbish being undertaken on the left at speed threw me right off course and any skill versus ability I normally have to drive, evaporated.

Driving fast on a normal road cannot be compared with any Formula 1 race as there is motorway fast and then there is Formula 1 racing car super, super fast.

I for one have no idea how it would feel to drive at +200 miles per hour and then break into a tight bend or chicane to resume my racing speed once the bend is negotiated. Out-braking is possible.

In fact only a few do know how it feels and all of these people are the elite of the racing world.

So for arm chair pundits to think that Rosberg deliberately out-braked himself to hand Lewis the race is a foolish notion. Rosberg remains a determined competitor because he’s top of the leader board and under immense pressure.

None of us truly know the strain of being an F1 racing driving aiming for our first championship title and Rosberg wants this title so bad he can taste it, smell it, and almost feel it. He wants it so much he’s prepared to risk everything at the Belgian Grand Prix and actually admit to running into his team mate on purpose!

Perhaps now you can understand why I think Rosberg is arrogant.

Rosberg didn’t see the damage ahead that his actions caused until he stood on the podium in Belgium and the fans booed him and the fans booed again at Monza- Is booing ungentlemanly conduct?

Fans are limited in how they can express their adoration or loathing of a racing driver and Rosberg has had to face the music from his employer, his management team, his team mate, his family, his friends, the press and finally the fans. That's one hell of a lot of pressure.

Maybe Rosberg needs to reflect on his actions and prove his worth by simply driving out of his socks and not playing games; like talking in Italian in front of his team mate Lewis, gamesmanship is fine usually but when played out on camera, in front of the public, it will not win Rosberg any favours.

Of course I want Lewis to win this years championship because he has worked hard and fights for every race even coming from the back of the field to display amazing drive ability.

I want Rosberg to be investigated by the FIA because any driver who intentionally interferes with another's drivers car is a ‘criminal’ it would be no different if another driver tried to run you or me off the road in real life. There would be questions asked and answered and possibly a trial.

And should the FIA find that there is a case to be answered by Rosberg then he must be prepared to defend his actions as an apology simply won't repair this damage to his reputation.

The racing drivers are heroes and both protagonists and antagonists.
They drive because they love what they do all the time.
They drive because it’s in their blood.

I hope that Lewis and Rosberg can come to an agreeable professional relationship but they don't have to be mates! How can they be mates when the gladiators (the management team) have set them one against the other?

Hamilton is 22 points behind Rosberg before the next race at Singapore.

My passion for Formula 1 is undiminished and all the thoughts expressed here in my blog are my own.

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