Friday, 12 September 2014

Summer Observation: No 3

Each August I ‘drag’ myself, willingly, up on to Beachy Head to watch the Eastbourne air show, usually wrapped in all manner of wet weather gear to protect my body from the fierce wind that rushes to meet me from the sea.

Two things were different this summer:

The weather was fantastic!

I mean really good. Beachy Head was rammed. I don’t think I've ever seen so many people or parked vehicles up there in my life.

I was able to wear a summer dress and didn't need my coat!

Atop Beachy Head is a great vantage point to watch the aeroplanes and the flying acrobats and I take a small radio to tune in to the local radio/air show.

The cloud base was virtually non existent with only the lightest breeze which meant the planes looked glorious against a powder blue. The Red Arrows display was breath takingly good. The speed of their close passes was fantastic; it was a spectacular display of precision flying. With the addition of red, white and blue smoke it’s patriotic to the core and the new livery shone in the sunshine.

When the Lancaster bombers flew over head the sense of excitement grew as I wondered what it must have been like to watch these aircraft in action back in WWII as today there me fill me with a sense of awe.

There is something quite remarkable about sitting atop a hill and lying in the long grass to see and hear a jet aircraft fly by and pass over head. You feel as if you could raise your hand and stroke the under side of the wing tip as the roar of the jet engine, so close overhead, is exhilarating.

For me the highlight of the show has to have been the Red Arrows display with their striking new tailfin design of a Union Jack these aircraft looked magnificent and their display really wowed the crowd.

It was a grand day out. One I shall enjoy again next year, hopefully…

Where did you venture out this summer that made you happy and relaxed?

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