Friday, 6 April 2012

F… is for… Flash Fiction #atoz

'Marriage Proposal?'

George knew she was his damsel in distress, an English rose needing to be saved, protected from the false knight’s armoured horse powered truck.

Dairy farmer by day, George was asleep in his bed when Estelle knocked on his door, her car broken down.

Wanting to lay down his life for a chance to make her happy he invited her to use his telephone.

Proffering tea, a warm chair by the aga, he wondered, could he win her heart?

An old knight at 59, past his prime, but if asked, Estelle would have lain beneath the stars with him forever.

(100 words excluding title.)


  1. How sweet! You only need a few words sometimes! Happy A-Z.

    1. Liz, thanx for dropping by & leaving a message, much appreciated. I am enjoying the A to Z!

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    1. Kayla, Thank you, it's always nice to get positive feedback.

  3. It's a skill and a talent and you sure have it.

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  4. Jane thank you for your lovely compliment and yes I will pop along and check out your blog – see you soon