Sunday, 22 April 2012

#Lucky 7 – Extract from: My Manuscript

My thanks to Jackie Buxton, @jaxbees who has challenged me to join the #Lucky7 you can check her out her book: ‘Glass Houses’ at

‘Life turns on a Silver Sixpence,’ is my manuscript that is as yet unseen by anyone, and is progressing at a pace I’m happy with, so this short section below is page 77, line 7, the next 7 sentences:


The counsellor handed her a box of tissues, Constance took a tissue and dabbed her cheeks dry, and kept a firm hold of the damp tissue between clenched fingers, ‘Are you able to continue?’

‘Yes, I’m fine,’ but patently she wasn’t, the counsellors’ voice was calm and soothed her jangled nerves. Talking, being honest wasn’t easy for Constance but neither was this meeting quite as tough as she’d imagined it might be, before she arrived. For the first time in ages she felt listened too and even guided in a good direction, but her words backed-up and crashed into the front of her mind, hoping to be released, yet she didn’t feel brave enough to share. It was a peculiar sensation, inside the silence screamed louder than any cry, tired and angry she remained speechless.

'It can be difficult to find the right work life versus home life balance these days especially for working mums… do you work too hard?’

Constance nodded, she wasn’t sure if she looked to this meeting for forgiveness, but she did want a solution, one that was viable for both of them and why did she feel so ambivalent towards him?


That was really lucky as the sentence prior to this passage gave away what has happened to my heroine…but now I can and shall leave you guessing! Mean of me I know…

This is my ‘draft synopsis’ for my manuscript:

All she ever wanted was to be married, ‘Mrs Somebody.’ Constance grows and changes through a series of events that happen in quick succession and these new and frightening challenges that are set in motion test her emotional limits. The pain and distress she experiences is almost beyond endurance. Ultimately she comes to accept that these trials may be beyond her control. However, she finds ways to overcome these obstacles, and learns that despite being tested, nearly to ruination, she recognizes that what she values most, is important to her. After all the betrayal she finds acceptance and unity in the foundation of her family, however dysfunctional her life may appear to outsiders. These are her choices and this is her life.

It's now my turn to invite and challenge 7 more bloggers to share this experience:


Ladies there is no pressure here… Join in if you wish and good luck with the adventure.

I’m now going to pop along to the other six authors who were challenged at the same time as me and find out what they are doing, *wanders off into Blogsville… smiling*

The other six in my #Lucky 7 group were:

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I can’t wait to read these extracts ...


  1. What a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for including me Kay. I was wondering what to do for my next post and now you've given me a great idea.
    Your synopsis sounds inspiring. I wish you the very best of luck for publication.
    Big hugs. Ange xxx

  2. Hi Ange
    I’m really glad you like the idea & I will pop along and have a read of your Lucky 7

  3. Hi Kay
    Thanks for this - what larks! Like your extract, do take a look at mine. If only I wrote longer sentences!


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