Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A… is for… 'Adventure' #atoz

What does ‘adventure’ mean to you?

Perhaps you think might of Captain Scott as a hero who attempted to conquer the Antarctic or Neil Armstrong for the first walk on the moon.

For me adventure means exploring ideas, my ‘what if scenario’s’ and then finding a way to write about them, that I can share.

Does an adventure have to be really big, or very brave, and cost a small fortune?

Because a day filled with smaller explorations into the mind of characters may be just as satisfying for some individuals.

Over the years I have participated in some mad things, some of which I’m proud of and others that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. But recently I have derived the most pleasure from sharing my work with readers.

And when and if these readers choose to leave a comment and offer feedback because my writing resonates with them, I get great a huge boost of contentment, because it’s good to know that someone understands what I have attempted to explain.

So I shall continue my modest adventure in writing until I discover if I can secure my aim: to find an agent who will promote my book which will win a publishing deal on its own merits.

Wish me luck, in my real life-size adventure… Because I wish you all that you wish for yourselves in your adventures.

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  1. I like your blog - From A-Z blogging challenge.