Thursday, 26 April 2012

W… is for… Wedding gift!

Well this post had been written well in advance and then a funny thing happened.

I hadn’t done my homework for writing group (bad girl, slaps own hand!) so I took this drafted blog piece in place of my homework. My work received a good reception and I was pleased with the positive responses and then our chairperson, the lovely Ruth made a suggestion. In her opinion she felt that this piece would be exactly what a large chain store would like for advertising!

I’m going to be brave and offer them the piece: ‘W… is for…Wedding Gift,’ and see what response my offer gets! So I will send my original drafted piece to this store…

Wish me luck


  1. I wish you luck!


  2. Bec, Jess & Ami Thank you so much for your best wishes, much prreciated