Friday, 27 April 2012

X… is for… ‘X-factor’

No not that one on the telly!

What is your X-factor as a writer?

What special ingredient do you bring to your writing?

The reason I ask this is: for the longest time I doubted my ability to write, yet when I started to share my work with my writing group friends I discovered that they heard or understood parts of my writing in a way that I did not intend, or had not recognized.

I’ve been told I have a good ear for dialogue and that’s odd because I never thought dialogue was easy to write, in fact early on I did not write any dialogue, in any piece of work as I was so afraid of it! And I only ever wrote in third person past tense.

Once I learned that sharing my work gave me back solid information that I could use to improve my writing I became more adept at sharing. Now I often edit other peoples work because again I find that this benefits my own writing.

If I’m honest I’m not sure what ‘X-factor’ I bring to my novels yet. However, I intend to find out by submitting more and more of my work and asking for feedback.

So just like a sales pitch: What is your X-factor as a writer?


  1. Wow, good question! I hope/plan/aim/do/will bring an honest view of situations that are both good & challenging. Perhaps a sense of humor to something tough.
    Looking forward to seeing your journey.

  2. Hi Jayne sorry I didn’t get to reply earlier, it’s been manic – so glad the challenge has ended now *lol* but it was fun while it lasted