Friday, 13 April 2012

R… is for… Romantic Novelist (Fri 19.4.12 posted early)

Am I a Romantic Novelist writer?

The reason I ask this question out loud is simple…I’m not sure. I write about women with family lives that fall apart, events that drive my heroine towards the breakdown of her marriage, mostly caused by external events impinging on the characters lives.

When I write it out like that it never sounds remotely romantic, far from it!

However, my collection of short stories are always about people finding new beginnings. Looking for love, yet not necessarily finding love or their version of love they may have envisaged when embarking on a date.

I refer to my books as: ‘Kitchen sink dramas,’ because quite oddly all of them have started out in the kitchen in Chapter One! Again not romantic…finally I twigged that it might be wise to make a change at the start of my latest manuscript. This change has been implemented!

But to date I don’t feel I have written a soft cuddly ending… I wonder why that is?


  1. I'm a cameloen writer. I write articles for the paper, I'm writing a weight loss memoir, and I have writing both YA and religious fiction. I just can't focus on one thing.

    I know which one I think is my favorite and the one I excel at, but does saying it out loud then make is suddenly the only genre I can write in?

    Authors are always telling us to stick to a genre and stop branching out, b/c you'll lose your audience. What do you think?

  2. Well your comment got me thinking… in my opinion there is no wrong way or right way to write. People are different. Need different things for different reasons. I write all sorts of things and never consider what it might be… I think by doing a diverse section of work I learn more. When I first started to share my work I wrote third person past tense only! That was all I knew. Since then I’ve dabbled, gained confidence & discovered a great many other ways to express my written self. I can think of several author’s who write under ‘pen names’ in different genres. What ever you do...keep writing!