Monday, 23 April 2012

T… is for... Titles

This post I had intended to label: Great Tit Activity.

Can you see the immediate problem with that?

Search engines in their droves would clutter my timeline on Twitter with spam bots and god knows what else – I dare not investigate that idea, posting this absurd title.

It is an accurate title. However it is an inappropriate title.

After another brain storming session I settled upon: ‘Nest building skills.’

A Great Tit clung, with a firm clasp to the cable of the lawn mower, inspected the large orange carcass and disregarded it. Sat on the rim of an earthenware pot and this tiny creature inspected the contents. This darling birds head twitched from right tot left before it hopped inside the flower pot. Then disappeared from view. Suddenly bits of detritus, as light as a feather flew, crumpled old leaves, thrown out with great force over the rim to land on the patio.

Oh the disappointment my original draft title could have delivered to a wrongly directed piece of traffic!

How important are titles to you… and do you judge whether to read by title alone?


  1. I don't always judge by the title of a book, but let's face, it plays into whether I buy it or not. I do try to cut a writer some slack. Picking out a name for a story or book is hard. Like really hard!

  2. Hi Buffy
    It’s funny but when we were producing our book the first cover lacked the right sort of appeal so I hope the new cover for the ‘Ten Minute Tales anthology’ grabs readers and buyers attention, especially as we are selling it in Brighton!