Friday, 13 April 2012

M… is for… Micro fiction. (Sat 14.4.12 posted early)

Why? Because micro fiction is magic.

It has taught me which words are most important. I have discovered how to use shorter alternative words than long complex overpowering ones. And it has encouraged me to be braver. To tighten up my use of words, to loose the flabbiness. If only I could apply the same procedures to my body mass. (Sighs!)

Twitter is a great place for Micro fiction. Also know as Flash Fiction!

140 characters is a strict limit, this includes all letters and spaces.

141 characters won’t cut it, the message will not send. Twitter is where I dabble with ideas. Test out my random thoughts on my followers, and I use hashtags to denote a topic:

#seenwhiledriving – literally the view that unfolds from my driver’s seat!

#smallstone - my daily mindful exercise to capture a thought, idea, something of note.

#thingsthatmakemesmile – self explanatory

#foundwhilewalking – my friend @kaysexton writes very good ones!

Perhaps you have favourite ways to share micro fiction. Share them with me here?


  1. Overheards (OH) are almost microfiction, when you let your imagination add the parts you didn't hear.
    Tim Walker (@twalk) and some others like to post with te hashtag #tinystory.

    1. Vicki Hi - I can’t track you via blogger & you haven’t left contact details but I’ve found @twalk – thank you