Tuesday, 24 April 2012

U… is for… Undefeated & unfriendly.

If I described a man as ‘unfriendly bacteria…’ would that conjure up an instant image?

I had a recent run in with man. Ungrateful. Pig-headed. Arrogant. You know the type and he shall remain nameless.

Over coffee with a good friend she confided her nick name for this man, for she too knew of his antics, and this made me curl up with laughter.

It was what I needed, another person’s point of view and opinion. Name calling isn’t something I usually recommend resorting too… but her version summed up my annoyance and anger. Now I don’t hold with the idea of labelling people but this notion of describing him somehow released my pent up frustration.

This unpleasant male of the species from now on will be known as… 'unfriendly bacteria' and I’m certain that when I need to write about an unsavoury character he may feature in a cameo role as a baddie, but only a bit part in a short story.


  1. And what happens to all baddies? They meet a nasty end, and I think you'll enjoy writing that.

  2. I agree, name calling should only be used when someone really, really deserves it. Love the name 'unfriendly bacteria' by the way!

  3. Hi Becky
    Nice to meet you via the a to z challenge, am following you on Twitter now... & have checked out your blog too.